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Denise DeForest Pastoor, Holistic Muse
Integrative Holistic Health leader, nurse, educator, healer, consultant, speaker
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Empower self-healing
Ignite the climb to your infinite potential
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Engage Mindfulness & Meditation
A way of BEING
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Energize Ebb & Flow®

Yoga & sensory movement for mind, body, spirit

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Feeling on the edge? Stressed? Anxious?
Awaken to a life with passion,
presence, & pause
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"Creating Calm Within"
Meditation CD
Drift to inner peace and sleep with guided meditations by Denise.

Engage, Energize and Empower Authentic Living

SunStone Wellness LLC, a unique integrative health consulting practice, teaches you how to awaken your infinite potential through holistic lifestyle practices for optimal wellness.
Denise DeForest Pastoor
Denise DeForest Pastoor
Lives her passion to empower people in self-healing.

Meet Denise

Integrative Holistic Health
Embrace inner peace, mental clarity, and body awareness

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Sunstone Wellness, LLC
118 E. Main Street, Suite 207
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