Integrative Holistic Health practices

Nurturing wholeness through self-care practices
What are Integrative Holistic Health practices for self-care?
Understanding the powerful connections of mind, body, spirit, and emotions is essential in healing and wellness. Integrative health focuses on the whole person… body awareness, thoughts streaming through the mind, heart-centered intuitive wisdom, spiritual beliefs, and emotional layers. Blending conventional and complementary, Western and Eastern, allopathic and traditional approaches in healthcare, integrative health addresses all dimensions of self to create optimal health and promote rapid healing.
SunStone Wellness focuses on teaching many pearls in the Integrative Health shell to awaken a lifestyle that nurtures and honors all the dimensions of self- mind, body, spirit, emotions, biofield energy, psychological, social, and environment aspects of our being.
I. Biofield Energy Therapies- Healing Touch
Biofield HT- BillyEnergy therapies are gaining momentum in mainstream healthcare, as evidence-based research validates  how balancing our biofield, chakras, and meridians activates our innate healing abilities.  Healing Touch, developed by RN Janet Mentgen, is one form of biofield energy therapies used in hospitals, rehab centers, hospice, and universities.  Through the gentle use of touch on or off the body, positive intention, and heart-centered presence, everyone can learn to sense, balance and support energy flow to create wholeness.
We all have strong abilities to sense energy, which we nurture through inner awareness and holistic self-care.  Biofield Energy therapies offered at SunStone Wellness include Healing Touch, Acupressure, Emotional Freedom Technique, & Qigong.
Watch my “What is Healing Touch” video.
Watch news on how Healing Touch is used in a San Diego hospital
II. Breathwork

Breathe In, Expand. Breathe Out, Let Go.

Breathwork or Pranayama, is the vital life force that directs energy to activate the body’s relaxation response or de-activate the body’s stress response.  Breath is the bridge between the conscious and unconscious mind, providing a path to shift energy and re-wire neural pathways.  By focusing awareness on breath, we bring balance to the nervous system, immune system, and endocrine system.  The key is slow, rhythmic diaphragmatic breaths, which turn off the “fight, flight, or freeze” stress response (sympathetic nervous system) and activate the “rest & digest” relaxation response (parasympathetic nervous system).   Bring awareness to breath and shift to diaphragmatic breathing to create calm.
III. Mindfulness
By letting go of the past and not worrying about the future, we live in the awe-inspiring present. By focusing, with all your senses, on what is happening in the moment, you gain clarity, sense of calm, connections, and consciousness. Simply acknowledging and accepting your feelings, thoughts, and body awareness each moment, will open a deeper sense of awareness and presence. Mindfulness fosters conscious choices in how to navigate the world- responding, not reacting. Key elements of mindfulness:
  1. Being present
  2. Using all your senses
  3. Being in a state of non-judgment
Watch Stress Resilience: How Mindfulness shifts Stress Response

Zion Meditation

Capture stillness with meditations in nature

IV. Meditation
The practice of meditation is a discipline going inward to tap into the depth of our true essence. This place of stillness and heart-centered, intuitive wisdom creates inner peace and mental clarity. Spending time every day in inner stillness is a process of letting go of expectations and judgment. Meditation offers a variety of approaches to disengage from thoughts and tap into inner stillness to access sparkles of inspiration, deep intuitive wisdom, and a spiritual connection- a sense of universal oneness.
V. Guided Imagery
Guided imagery is a powerful technique that focuses your thoughts inward, allowing your imagination to create changes within your body. The body doesn’t differentiate between what your mind imagines and what you actually do. Research validates the effectiveness of guided imagery to reduce blood pressure, decrease anxiety, reduce pain, and optimize athletic/school/stage performance.

Yoga offers health benefits and spiritual presence.

VI. Yoga
Yoga is a lifestyle practice of living with love and compassion in your heart, focusing on service for humanity, and caring for the body, mind, and soul through nutrition, spirituality, breathwork and asanas (yoga poses.) Western culture focuses on the yoga elements of asanas to promote flexibility, strength, and body awareness. All aspects of yoga will offer health benefits and spiritual presence.


VII. Ebb & Flow®
Joy in movement

Discover joy in movement!

Ebb & Flow® is body-based sensory movement that blends expressive dance, body awareness, yoga, qigong, and meditation.  I was led to create Ebb & Flow® with growing awareness how disconnected people are from their body wisdom, their physical body, and the signals our body gives regarding emotional, spiritual, psychological aspects of self. Using world music to move, Ebb & Flow® teaches how to listen to body signals, tune into body language, connect with the joy of movement, honor stillness, and instill heart-centered acceptance of ourselves.



VIII. Journaling

Connect to inner wisdom with journaling

Journaling opens a channel to connect thoughts with inner wisdom. By learning techniques to release a flow of thoughts and emotions, you tap into insight, inner awareness, and cathartic   calmness. By journaling through free-form expression, guided exercises, gratitude lists, and nested meditations, you access deeper connections of your higher self.



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