Denise DeForest Pastoor

Denise DeForest Pastoor

My Story

Growing up, I yearned to be a nurse or teacher to care for others and plant seeds of knowledge.  With 35 years as a psychiatric clinical nurse specialist and holistic wellness educator, I now plant seeds of choice.  My guiding light embraces our interconnectedness of energy, mind, body, spirit, emotional, social dimensions of self to create wholeness. By blending neuroscience research, holistic nursing skills, and intuitive wisdom, I empower self-healing to build stress resilience and deepen personal transformation. I see myself as a bridge between Western conventional medicine and ancient healing traditions, opening a path that leads toward a life of authenticity. Face your fears, speak your truth, and create a joyful, purposeful, compassionate life.
Join me in the journey! Carpe Diem!      ~~Denise

What I DO:
  • Versatile Mind-Body Medicine leader in integrative health program development for universities, corporations, community, and private practice.
  • Featured Integrative Holistic Health presenter, adjunct faculty, and workshop facilitator at universities, national conferences, and corporate retreats.
  • Visionary founder and facilitator of the Integrative Health Academy at the National Wellness Institute.
  • Original founder of Ebb & Flow®, an innovative body-based sensory movement practice, blending yoga, expressive arts, meditation, and qigong.
  • Holistic nurse psychotherapist in private practice with creative community holistic classes and workshops
  • Released 2 well-reviewed guided meditation CDs, Creating Calm Within and Seeking Sleep.
  • Biofield Energy Therapist/ Healing Touch Instructor, serving 4 years on the Board of Directors for Healing Beyond Borders.
  • Creator of holistic health educational tools, on-line offerings, and videos for corporate wellness.
Who I AM:
Running the Great Wall
  • In my 50’s, I ran ½ marathon on the Great Wall of China with my family and friends—I am not a runner, so this was amazing.
  • “Live life out loud” and “Look for the good” and “You have ONE life…be alive now”- my wisdom reminders
  • My guilty pleasure is toffee caramel crunchy ice cream with a dollop of fudge sauce.
  • My biggest fear is not knowing what I am afraid of.
  • My wish is to BE like my dog, Cassie: joyful, cuddly, full of love, and greets everyone with radiant enthusiasm.
  • Raising 2 adventurous sons with a nature enthusiast husband is a gift and a curse. The gift is multi-sport travel adventures and the curse is a testosterone saturated household.
  • My dream day is to awaken to yoga, hike in nature, kayak on a lake, and drink champagne while watching the sunset over the ocean. Not to mention…toffee ice cream for dessert.
  • My obsession is rocks. I collected and flew home 70 pounds of beautiful rocks from Arizona and Colorado. Thus my favorite gift is …..a rock! Shells and driftwood are a close contenders.


  • MEd.- Masters in Education in Community Counseling, Georgia State University, 1982
  • BSN in Nursing from University of Virginia, 1978
  • APRN, BC- Advanced Practice Registered Nurse, Board Certified.
  • Certification by American Nurses Credentialing Center as Psychiatric and Mental Health Clinical Nurse Specialist, active status
  • CHTP/I- Certified Healing Touch Practitioner & Instructor from Healing Beyond Borders, active status
  • CWP- Certified Wellness Practitioner from National Wellness Institute, active status
  • RYT-200- Registered Yoga teacher, 200 hours. Yoga Alliance, active status
  • Founder and facilitator of Integrative Health Academy of National Wellness Institute, active status
Nursing Professionals

May 2012 – Becoming a awards: Top 25 Nursing Professionals Making a Difference in Healthcare

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  • Pastoor, D. (2010). Nia Technique…Through Movement We Find Health. Natural Triad. 1: 41-42.
  • Pastoor, D. (2005). Work-Life Balance: How to Successfully Juggle Life’s Choices. NWI Wellness Management. 20:4.
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  • Degges-White,S., Adelman,J., Myers,J., Pastoor,D. (2003). Examining Counseling Needs of Headache Patients: An Exploratory Study of Wellness and Perceived Stress. Journal of Mental Health Counseling. 25: 271-290.
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  • DeForest – Pastoor D, Tirrell C. (1987) Neuroendocrine Factors of Affective Disorders.Archives of Psychiatric Nursing. 4: 225-229.

Recent Speaking Engagements :

October 16-18,2016-Carolinas Health Ministry Partnership Fall Conference: Intentional Care of the Spirit: Embracing Spiritual Wellness For pastoral/congregational nurses and clergy, Denise led participants on a journey of spiritual renewal, holistic self-care, contemplative wisdom practices, and interfaith connections.
April 30-May 1st, 2016- Integrative and Holistic Nursing Conference: Bringing Healing to You and Your Patients An evidenced-based overview of holistic and integrative nursing. The latest research on nutrition, and mind-body-spirit medicine was presented by experts in the field of integrative holistic health at this national conference.
May 2, 2016- HIV in 2016:  Clinical Update and Vulnerable Population Jointly provided by Greensboro AHEC and University of North Carolina Eshelman School of Pharmacy~Chapel Hill, NC Speaking on “Integrative Health Approaches to Pain Management” This symposium provided healthcare providers with an update of the care and treatment of HIV infected patients now living longer lives.

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