Holistic Retreats & Workshops

Journey to our inner depths of mind, body, spirit wisdom
Holistic Retreats

Embrace a rhythm of life you desire and make a commitment to follow your path.

1. Rejuvenate Your Mind, Body, Spirit….Engage, Energize, Empower
Personal renewal is about honoring your authentic self, facing your fears, connecting with your true essence, and radiating your glowing energy outward. By understanding our essential nature is far greater than the mind can encompass, we will journey to inner depths of mind, body, spirit wisdom. Step away from a world of task-oriented DOING and step into a circle of BEING. Let go of who you think you are supposed to be and radiate the inner essence of who you really are. Learn essential nurturing self-care tools to individualized to your needs, lifestyle, and interests.
2. Holistic Self-Care Toolbox- Integrative Therapies to build Stress Resilience


In a culture of high stress, commitments, and responsibilities, finding time for self-care is challenging and often at the bottom of the priority list. This workshop or class series provides in-depth integrative approaches to create balance and centering, joy and peace. Build a self-care toolbox through breathwork, guided meditations, mindfulness, journaling, and  yoga/ sensory movement exercises.  Research in neuroplasticity is reviewed to understand how to to re-set your nervous system to be less reactive and more responsive, shifting from chaos to calm, angst to joy. 
3. Igniting Passion, Presence, and Purpose in the Workplace
Designed for healthcare and corporate business settings to create a culture of authentic leadership and a collective path of social responsibility to thrive. By examining patterns of stress and burn out, we gain understanding how to encourage core values of integrity, compassion, and gratitude for stress resilience, clear communication, team building, and productivity. Learning to navigate from a heart-centered, mindful platform bridges logic and practicality with intuition and emotional intelligence.
4.  Ebb & Flow™ Movement Bliss
The body is the mouthpiece in expressing all dimensions of self….mental, emotional, physical, psychological, spiritual, social, and energetic layers. Through movement, we can release tension and emotional turmoil, tune into our body signals, and deepen energy awareness. We ignite a connection with our true self.
Ebb & Flow™ workshops weave gentle yoga, expressive movement, meditative stillness, flexibility and strength training, inner balance, and energy awareness…. a path to optimal health. Ebb is the pause. Flow is the movement. This curriculum is ideal everyone, especially individuals with chronic conditions that limits movement, recovering from physical injuries, or struggling with emotional challenges.  The gentle format invites each person to deepen a connection with their body, breath, emotions, and inner sensing.   The feelings of joy, acceptance, creativity, release, fun, and vibrancy flow in every experience.
What you will learn in all the workshops:
Engage, Energize, and Empower to:
  • Learn to live a life of authenticity, being your true self.
  • Deepen knowledge of neuroplasticity, as it relates to re-wiring your brain for optimal health.
  • Embrace mindfulness training to create life long skills to navigate life fully present, tuned into your senses, and being in a state of non-judgment.
  • Develop a toolbox of coping skills to create stress resilience.
  • Harness the power of breathwork and meditation techniques for clarity and inner stillness.
  • Cultivate skills of deep listening, letting go of judgment, and resolving conflict.
  • Ignite increased productivity, focus, and staying on task through mindful practices.
  • Self-care and making choices to seed happiness, inner peace, and fulfillment.
  • A body of knowledge in how balance and thrive on BEING in a world of DOING
  • From contemplative wisdom practices to joyful dance, join the journey to create wholeness.
Yoga and retreats
Retreats may include:
  • Expressive movement of Ebb & Flow™ & yoga for body and sensory awareness.
  • Experiencing the science of energy medicine … Healing Touch, Acupressure,  EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique- Tapping)
  • Deepening insights and creativity through journaling and expressive art.
  • A vision to expand collective consciousness through gratitude and positive intentions.
  • Creating balance through grounding and centering and guided imagery.
  • The spiritual essence of heart-centered compassion and gratitude to create a world that honors yourself and serves others.
Who should attend:
Workshops are for everyone interested in holistic approaches to health and wellness, for personal transformation, workplace cultures, and work-life balance.  Whether you are seeking a path to re-claim heart-centered authenticity, feeling burnt out and overwhelmed in the workplace, struggling with life’s challenges, looking for new skill sets to foster stress resiliency, or searching for a life of meaning, these workshops are your answer.
Workshop format is ½ day to full day and Retreats may be full day to 3 days.  Contact Denise to explore your needs for an individualized workshop of retreat for your group.
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