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Mindfulness & Meditation classes
DDY logoCurious about meditation? Looking for stillness? Join meditation classes at Dancing Dogs Yoga to learn powerful tools for stress resilience, relaxation, sleep, and mind clarity. Deepen your understanding of how mindfulness and meditation taps into natural self-healing, re-wires your brain, tunes into intuitive wisdom, and creates inner peace. Each class will focus on a holistic skill set to create peace, happiness, and joy.
Pop- Up Meditation class will be at various times after yoga classes. .  Sign up on the mailing list to stay tuned with latest updates!
                                                           1:1 Private meditation and mindfulness classes at DDY
Meditation in Peru
In the stillness of a quiet yoga studio,embrace guided meditation and mindfulness skills training  to overcome anxiety, depression, and create an individualized toolbox to build stress resilience.
Fee: $50.00
Where: Dancing Dogs Yoga Studio
301C State Street ( orange door on Roseland Street
Times:  Individualized times to meet your needs.
Contact for details and to register. 

Journey to your CHAKRAS workshop

Explore the wonders of energy awareness by tapping into your biofield energy, chakras, and meridians to create balance and harmony.  Join this fun, engaging, experiential workshop to learn fundamentals of energy medicine for holistic self-care, healing, and wholeness.

When: TBA
Time: 12pm-2pm,.

Fee: $25.00
Where: Dancing Dogs Yoga Studio

301C State Street ( orange door on Roseland Street)
(336) 706-6300

Aerial yoga classes and private instruction. 

New to aerial yoga?  Try a daily aerial yoga class or contact Denise for private instruction to address individualized needs for support of spine,  joints, knees, and hips. 
Healing Touch sessions at Elon University Faculty/ Staff  Health and Wellness CenterHealing Touch
If you are Elon University Faculty/ Staff, experience Healing Touch,  gentle, heart-centered, health enhancing biofield energy therapy.
Elon Faculty/ Staff Health and Wellness Center
RN Ellington Center for Health and Wellness
301 South O’Kelly Avenue, Elon NC 27244
Watch You Tube Video: What is Healing Touch?
Ebb & Flow®, a body sensory movement bliss!
Created by Denise Pastoor, Ebb & Flow® is a body-based sensory movement practice that empowers health, awakens body awareness, embraces heart-centeredness, releases expressive flow, and invites stillness! This blend of yoga, qigong, meditation, and expressive dance will deepen your connection to your authentic SELF… with joy, inspiration, and rejuvenation!  Evidence-based research is gaining momentum on the healing benefits of movement, specifically contemplative practices of qigong and yoga. Through movement, we heal!
Date: TBA
Time: 1pm-3pm
Cost: $45.00  ( Includes choice of Denise’s guided meditation CD’s, “Creating Calm Within” or “Seeking Sleep” $20.00 value)

What Happens to my Brain When I Meditate?…
The Neuroscience, Brain Waves, & Research of Meditation
110169-20130821What happens in your brain when you meditate?  Create more peace, happiness, and stillness in your life by starting a meditation practice grounded in the neuroscience to motivate you forward.   We will explore the research, brain changes, as well as steps to start meditation practice with confidence and ease. Learn 2 foundation meditations to inspire the journey.
Bring a cushion and journal.
 When: TBA
Time: 6:30-8pm
Cost: $20.00

DeniseSpeaking Engagements
Denise DeForest Pastoor, keynote, featured speaker +/ & workshop leader at these events: 
Elon University Healing Touch training  & individual sessions,, Holistic self care class series, Mindfulness & meditation offerings:  Jan-Dec. 2017

Dancing Dog Yoga studio:  Meditation and mindfulness classes,  Inner Zen aerial workshops:
Jan-Dec 2017

Syngenta health promotion/ mindfulness in the workplace: May 24, 2017


National Wellness Institute
Annual National Wellness Conference : Denise has been an innovative leader in integrative health workshops and seminars at NWC conferences for 12 years. As founder and facilitator of the Integrative Health Academy for 5 years, holistic health and healing topics have been highlighted for wellness professionals.  Learn more from the conference web site.

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