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Counseling via Skype
Using Skype, holistic counseling sessions are conducted with an individualized treatment plan to address areas of concern. Blending cognitive-behavioral approaches with holistic modalities, our partnership develops patient goals with a time line and accountability. Contemplative practices and integrative health modalities are emphasized to create life-long tools for positive change.
On-line Virtual Classes coming soon…. stay tuned!



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A Guided Meditation MP3~ Created Just For You!
Have you floated to a place of safety and comfort, listening to a soothing voice of guided imagery? Can you envision a sacred spot, where the mere thought creates a softening of your breath, relaxation, and stress relief? Perhaps it is a favorite vacation spot, a beautiful garden, fishing on a lake, a memorable moment.
Awaken to your divine moments with a personalized guided imagery MP3 – a journey to peace and comfort, created individually for you!
Drift to your sacred space, heart- felt sanctuary, or beautiful peaceful refuge with a personalized guided meditation. Denise’s soothing voice will carry you, using words of affirmation and comfort that resonate with your heart. Created specifically with your anchors for peace and stillness, joy and happiness. this guided meditation will create calm, instill peace, overcome stress, or nurture you through difficult times.
Ethereal original music will softly accompany threads of comforting words to tap into your sacred space. Using names, places, memories, events, sounds, smells, sights, sensations that bring you comfort, and a guided imagery MP3 will evoke deep peace and uplift your spirit. Give yourself the gift of peace and respite to re-play over and over seeking respite from a stressful day.
To order your individualized guided imagery MP3:

1. Download and complete SunStone Serenity with My Memories form

2. Return completed form via email to to
Cost: $75.00
What you receive:
  • Personalized 30 minute guided imagery meditation customized to your personal preferences – names, locations, and descriptions of your respite.
  • Original soothing ethereal music in background
  • MP3 file of professional sound quality
  • BONUS- MP3 15 minute guided imagery of walk in forest to a bubbling stream

Featured Product-Seeking Sleep CD

Denise Deforest Pastoor Seeking Sleep meditation CD

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